The New Normal: the book


The New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God is now available! If you go to the following link, you can order as many copies of the book as you like, for less than the retail price, and each copy will be signed by Dr. Wyatt to whomever you specify! When ordering, look for the “Special Instructions” box on the page where you choose your payment option (check, credit/debit card, or PayPal), and in that box, tell us to whom you would like your book(s) signed. Order now at:

The New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God, was released by Destiny Image Publishers on December 1, 2011.


Publisher’s Description:

“Mark Wyatt’s The New Normal is a frank, passionate exhortation to believers to begin to live in the atmosphere of revival daily. Such a lifestyle is eminently possible, Wyatt writes, because “revival is, at its core, a continual awareness of the reality and manifestation of the Kingdom of God.” The Kingdom of God is truly here, near at hand. If you are hungry to develop a continual awareness of “the manifested reality of the invisible” realm and to live a revived life, this book will go far to inspire and train you.”

From the Back Cover:

Dramatically deals with two of the most relevant components in history—the Kingdom of God and the phenomenon of revival.

Personally relevant and biblically sound, you will learn:

  • What your life would be like if you accepted a “new normal.”
  • About past and present moves of God.
  • The difference between church-level and Kingdom-level living.
  • The nature of the rule and reign of God in your life.
  • How and why God is still healing people today.

You will be encouraged and challenged by personal experiences, relevant Scripture, and credible research about great men and women of God who have cast off religious ideas of success and respectability and forsaken all in pursuit of the fullness of Jesus and His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is truly here and now. If you are hungry to develop a continual awareness of “the manifested reality of the invisible” realm and to live a revived life, A New Normal will train you and inspire you into a beautiful future.


“The book you hold in your hand is ‘rare,’ not old-rare, or weird-rare but not-many-in-its-class rare. Any one of its chapters is worth the investment of time and cost of the book the reader will spend with it.” – Jack Taylor (from the Foreword), author, The Key to Triumphant Living and The Word of God With Power

“Mark is a good friend whose heart is full of love for Christ and whose pen follows his heart. I found myself over and over nodding my head with a quiet ‘Amen’ as I read this book, as my spirit said ‘yes’ to all its truths.” —Alan Wright, author, Shame Off You

“When it comes to Kingdom outreach effectiveness, Mark Wyatt is a unique breed. His life and example have changed my life. Let his words change yours as well.” —Steve Sjogren, author, Conspiracy of Kindness and Irresistible Evangelism

“Mark Wyatt grew up in an expectant church environment. He learned to anticipate God’s gracious renewal in the lives of his people. He now has fuller understanding of what the dynamics of the Kingdom of God include. His work on this subject will help us not only expect God’s revelation of himself, but to embrace it for our good.”-  Dudley Hall,  author, Grace Works and Incense and Thunder

“This is a book containing fresh new insights into what God is saying to His family today. I heartily recommend that you take time to hear from the mouth of God as Mark has heard. You will hear what Mark heard, but you will also hear what you need to hear and in some cases even hear much more than Mark heard. His hearing heart was open to all God had for him. God has no less for you. Listen, learn and know the things God has prepared for you – things that will usher you into a new way of thinking, living, believing and enjoying God’s presence.” — Jim Hylton, author, The Supernatural Skyline: Where Heaven Touches Earth

“Dr. Mark Wyatt is a breath of fresh air in a stagnating world.  In his first book, A New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God, Dr. Mark takes you on a journey of revival to the cutting edge of living in the Kingdom of God.  He provides unique insights combining experience and scripture with lightness of touch that will inspire and enlighten. My covenant relationship with this remarkable man has been both enriching and expanding.  He is a 3AM friend who “walks the talk.”  His life is an example and his book a must. I highly recommend it for all who desire to make the shift from revival to experiencing the unstoppable move of God.” – Dr. Levy H. Knox, Visionary & Founding Bishop, Living Word Christian Center, Mobile, AL

As a special, limited-time offer, if you buy 3 copies of “The New Normal,” you will receive the 4th copy free! When ordering, choose the “SPECIAL BUNDLE” to receive this offer.  And remember, all copies sold through this site will arrive signed by the author.


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