About Dr. Mark Wyatt

Mark Wyatt is a husband, father, author, and the founding/senior pastor of Deeper Life Fellowship in Mobile, Alabama. He preaches the gospel of the King and His kingdom, and is learning how to live like a son before the Father. His first book, The New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God, is now available from Destiny Image Publishing. It can be found at local bookstores, or through online retailers like amazon, barnes and noble, books a million, and more.

Dr. Wyatt is also the author of Hog Washed: a small fable about a big change, available now from Westbow Press, online retailers, and by special order through bookstores. Signed copies of both books can be ordered form the author at www.markwyattbooks.com.


3 responses to “About Dr. Mark Wyatt

  1. Sharolyn Baldwin

    I sooooo believe that the Holy Spirit is leading you and I say amen! and amen! Thank you Jesus… for your perfect timing

  2. Joshua Buchholz

    Dear Dr. Wyatt,

    I’m Joshua Buchholz, pastor Millard Buchholz’s grandson. I am currently trying publish a short story. However, this being the first time trying to be published I am lost as to start or who to submit too. If you could please give me some advice it would be most appreciated.

    Joshua Buchholz

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