An Open Letter to the Deeper Life Family

Dear Deeper Life Church Family,

As you may already know from news reports, one of our young families is struggling. Alicia Gray, a teacher at Mary G. Montgomery High School, has been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. She presented herself to the authorities yesterday afternoon with her husband, Chris, was released on bond, and is spending time with Chris and their baby, Claire. The investigation into the allegations is continuing.

This is a crucial time for the Grays and for our church family. Alicia’s guilt or innocence in this situation is not the factor that determines our love for her and her family. Please hear me clearly in this: no matter how the investigation ends, and no matter to what degree Alicia’s guilt or innocence is proven, at Deeper Life Fellowship we have heard a sound, and we will gladly and unashamedly proclaim that sound to the Gray family. It is the sound of grace, forgiveness, healing, and restoration. We support Alicia no matter what because we love her. We also extend the same heart of God to the young man involved, and his family—grace, forgiveness, healing, and restoration.

And so we stand alongside Chris, Alicia, and Claire. We need not be convinced of her innocence because it is not necessary in order to love her with everything we are. It is our place as the Gray’s church family—brothers and sisters all—to remind them that they are not alone. They have not been nor will they be forsaken. We will pray for them, we will encourage them, and we will watch as our God once again demonstrates that there is nowhere we can find ourselves, where He is not there.  Where there is sin, there is always more grace than sin. Where there is innocence, there is an awareness that it is only the Holy Spirit in us who causes us to live lives that are holy and godly. In both of those realities, it is, and always will be, grace by which we stand.

As it becomes more evident how we can practically walk with the Gray family through this, I will certainly update you. For now, please just pray for them. Pray for these things: grace, forgiveness, healing, and restoration.



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5 responses to “An Open Letter to the Deeper Life Family

  1. Wow! I stand amazed, I have never felt so much love in my life as I feel from the pastor of my church (that would be Dr Pastor Mark Wyatt). Praise the Lord for you, your family (my family) and all my brother’s and sister’s at Deeper Life. I am thankful to have such a wonderful, loving people in my life and I am proud that in this families time of need we have not nor will abondon the Greys. My heart and my prayers are going out to for the Grey’s, their families members, and the young man involved and his family, etc. Though I am limited to what I can do to help, prayers are free and I can cook a great meal if needed. =) ~Lisa

  2. Neil Stuckas

    Thank You Mark for your timely and appropriate reply to this situation. This is in-fact a good time to put into practice all of the wonderful blessings that the Lord has taught us all over the past 10 years. Thanks for teaching us and even more, demonstrating its application to us all.
    (practicing what you preach) We are all thankful for your leadership in this time of testing, Ne(i)l

  3. Libby Badon

    Mark, Never have I been so proud of you as.I am now. The sound of Deeper Life is Grace, Forgiveness, Healing and Restoration. I pray that this sound resounds throughout our entire city.We have not just received grace for ourselves but to give it away. We will be there tomorrow night to pray for both families. An then to love Alicia, Chris and Claire anyway we can,

  4. Ren

    Amen to Mark and all the comments! My heart is broken for the Grey family and we will continue to love them like Christ loved the church! We will be praying for them!

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