We Are the Hot Ones

     Another really wonderful thing about yeast: it does what it does completely apart from human intervention. Once my mother mixed her bread dough, she did absolutely nothing to make the dough rise. Once those little white rings of not-yet Krispy Kremes went into that warm cabinet, the next person to touch them was me… I mean, the customer. The employees had nothing to do with the dough rising. That was the job of the yeast.

The Kingdom of God is working, and frankly, it will go on working and achieving the goals of God even if we decide not to be involved in changing the situations and lives of us and those around us. If we sit out the opportunity to partner with God to extend His Kingdom, we lose, not Him. The wonderful thing about the Kingdom, though, is that God has invited us to be a part of a process that He is ultimately responsible for! We get to enjoy the working of the Kingdom, even though He has done all the work.

As I watched the previously mentioned remarkable process take place at the Krispy Kreme, I have to tell you that I saw one thing that saddened my heart. At the end of the conveyor belt, after the prettiest doughnuts have been plucked up and put lovingly into boxes and bags, the others- the rejects- are left to slide off the rollers and make the long plunge into the waste basket. I watch this, and everything in me wants to shout at the top of my lungs, “No! Stop the madness! I’ll take it! I don’t care what it looks like, it’ll taste the same!” But, since I know such behavior would be frowned upon, I hold in my protest, and a tear slides silently down my cheek.

Now for the good news: in the Kingdom of God, not one iota of the love of God goes to waste. As you seek the Kingdom, God is not watching to make sure you “do it right” every time. He isn’t evaluating how pretty or appetizing your life may look to men. He just wants to know that your life has been affected completely by his rule and reign. Besides, we aren’t told to look at the Lord and see that He is good. We are told to taste him. So the question is not “How good do you look?” but “How good do you taste?” When people get a taste of your life, do they taste the Kingdom? Do people enjoy being around you because they catch a whiff of the aroma of the goodness of God’s rule and reign in your life? Remember, there are no rejects in the Kingdom. Only risen ones.

(Excerpted from A New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God, forthcoming from Destiny Image Publishing.)


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