Here we go…

It’s time. Time I got serious about the whole blog thing. So, here we go. I will be blogging weekly at first, so subscribe or check back here often. Some of these will be thoughts from what we are talking about at Deeper Life Fellowship, some will be just-thought-of items for your perusal, and others will be excerpts from my forthcoming book from Destiny Image called “Revival and the Kingdom of God.” At least that’s the title for now. It’s subject to change by the publisher, but I’ll let you know how that goes.

I have been told that if you put two perfectly tuned pianos on each side of a concert hall and strike a note on one, that the corresponding string on the other one will vibrate. My prayer is that whatever we talk about here will resonate in your spirit, that you will hear the sound of Heaven and draw in closer. God is definitely speaking. And if we listen, just for a moment, what He says will make our spirits move.


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  1. Dear Mark,
    I am so glad you are giving others the opportunity to be blessed by your
    Life Giving Words. As for me, I can’t get enough of it…. Keep this going, I think it is great!!!

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